Beautiful skin

-Look young-

Ozone and water massage in Aqua Bike Magic remove dead skin, improve flexibility and blood circulation. Magic Sun lamps enhance skin color. Warms and rejuvenates the skin with collagen lamps and IR.


Slim silhouette

- Body fat reduction -

Aquacycling combined with water massage gives very quick results in reduction of body fat. After the session, infrared heats the body, increases metabolism and blood circulation speeding up fat burn.

No cellulite

- Smooth thighs and buttocks -

Accelerated metabolism, improved blood circulation and better skin tissue lymph circulation helps in getting rid of unwanted cellulite. The effect is visible after few first sessions.

More information

Fitnesswell is a manufacturer of equipment for Spa and Wellness and Fitness Centers. We set the trends in the global markets, presenting innovative solutions that help our customers gain regular customers of their services. Our machines combine many factors positively influencing the body.
We are an experienced company. Our devices are designed for reliability. We use materials and components of the highest quality. All devices can be made in custom RAL colors. Fitnesswell devices are popular in many countries, including United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Spain, Australia, Canada, Dubai, Malta, Italy, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.
All devices manufactured by Fitnesswell are tested before delivery. We provide full service. The construction of the housing is made of a laminate material which is easy to clean and sustainable.
We invite you to contact with us if you have any questions.
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What will you gain?

  • 1.

Satisfied clients

The effectiveness, versatility and the pleasure of use of the devices will quickly translate into an increased number of scheldued sessions.

  • 2.


As a manufacturer, we run a full service. Devices are designed for long-term, heavy loaded work. Deciding on Fitnesswell you are sure that the equipment will serve you well and long.

  • 3.

Money saving

The prices of our products are very beneficial. You buy directly from the manufacturer. Each device is simple to use and does not require hiring additional qualified staff.