Magic Sun

lampThis freestanding lamp is a great solution for any studio.

Infrared irradiation helps in regeneration of the skin and increases body temperature. Collagen lamp rejuvenates the skin by improving its texture and color. Effective inhibition of aging - skin firm and supple. Lightens discoloration reducing scars and stretch marks. IR lamps are biostimulative and healthy, hence their use for muscle pain, treatment of injury, inflammation and shallow circulation disorders.

Magic Sun cleanses the skin and subcutaneous tissue of toxins, including gelling material in the folds of the skin that creates cellulite. Also stimulates the production of collagen, corresponding in our body for a beautiful and supple skin.

Magic Sun lamps:

     3 x lamp for color therapy
     6 x IR lamp or 6 x collagen lamp- depends on the model



- Improves the functioning of the locomotor system, the relaxation of articular joints, reducing back and spine pain,
- Relaxation of muscles and muscle spasm, aid in the treatment of muscle degeneration, regeneration of nerve function,
- Help in the healing of chronic inflammation,
- Deep relaxation and regeneration in rheumatic problems,
- Supports the immune system, prevention of viral diseases and other types of colds,
- Causing a healthy sweating, even at low temperature and in a short period of time,
- The reduction of body fat by speeding up metabolism in the exposed area.


- Collagen retains the freshness and firmness
- Collagen strengthens the connective tissue throughout the body
- Collagen prevents skin aging
- Can be individually adjusted and safe sunbathing by the sensor to analyze skin
- Sunbathing welcome D3 stimulates the production and its positive effects on the body
- Collagen revitalizes and refreshes the skin restoring its lost moisture
- Collagen smoothes wrinkles, especially on the face, neck and décolleté
- Collagen and sunbathing improve the overall attractiveness of


Chromotherapy (color teraphy) helps in reducing the problems faced by every human body. Involves interaction of color absorbed by the human energy field of the body, skin and eyes.


- Provision of energy
- The body's resistance
- Psychological well-being
- Metabolism
- Skin and subcutaneous tissue