Roll Magic Beauty Line®

lampRollmassage - proven efficiency.

Rotating drum is reducing cellulite and causes excessive burn of the stored fat trough a massage. It is possible to stimulate different parts of the body during massage by chhosing the appropriate position.

Roll Magic Beauty LINE is equipped with a collagen lamp that helps to achieve better results. In this type of lamp we used the appropriate wavelength and the right dose of light to rejuvenate the skin, warm up the body and maximize burned callories.

Photocells placed under the drum ensure protection. Thanks to them its motor stops immediately making the device the safest on the market.

Roll Magic has an additional lamp for chromotherapy. Built-in programs and manual mode will allow everyone to choose the appropriate form of exercise.

Housing is made of laminate and upholstered elements and like the rest of the equipment in our range, custom colors can be picked from a RAL palette.


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  • Roll Magic Beauty Line
  • Roll Magic Beauty Line
  • Roll Magic Beauty Line
  • Roll Magic Beauty Line
  • Roll Magic Beauty Line
  • Roll Magic Beauty Line
  • Roll Magic Beauty Line


Its effect on the circulatory and lymphatic system

- Stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system to work, which results in enhancing the power organs of oxygen and nutrients
- Increases the rate of removal from the body of degradation products
- Eliminates the symptoms of congestive heart failure
- Accelerates the absorption of edema
- Facilitate the outflow of venous blood
- Reduces the resistance of the blood in the arteries, which helps the heart
- Increased blood flow rate

Its effect on the skin

- Acts cosmetically
- Firms and tones the skin
- Removes dead layers of skin
- Skin becomes pink and warm
- Better supplied with blood and nourished
- Relaxes and loosens scars
- Eliminates or reduces adhesions and thickening
- Causes a mechanical fat break down
- Massage speeds up circulation of blood and lymph vessels of the skin

Its effect on the cardiovascular system

- Accelerates circulation of blood and lymph
- Stimulation of inactive capillaries
- Helps in the excretion of defective metabolic products
- Results in better oxygenation and nutrition of tissues

Its effect on muscle

- Results in better nutrition and oxygenation of the muscles
- Prepares for effort
- Prevents injuries
- Increases the flexibility of muscles
- Accelerates postprandial regeneration
- Increases or decreases muscle tension

Its effect on the nervous system

- Gentle massage works relaxing and calming
- Strong massage stimulates
- Enhances the feeling of surface and deep
- Facilitates the conduction of nerve impulses


Advantages of a curing light collagen:
- Collagen retains the freshness and firmness
- Collagen strengthens the connective tissue throughout the body
- Collagen prevents skin aging
- Can be individually adjusted and safe sunbathing by the sensor to analyze skin
- Sunbathing welcome D3 stimulates the production and its positive effects on the body
- Collagen revitalizes and refreshes the skin restoring its lost moisture
- Collagen smoothes wrinkles, especially on the face, neck and décolleté
- Collagen and sunbathing improve the overall attractiveness of


Chromotherapy (color teraphy) helps in reducing the problems faced by every human body. Involves interaction of color absorbed by the human energy field of the body, skin and eyes.


- Provision of energy
- The body's resistance
- Psychological well-being
- Metabolism
- Skin and subcutaneous tissue