Vacu Magic® Beauty Line


Vacu Magic ® Beauty Line is an effective method of active weight loss, restoring slim silhouette and elimination of "orange peel" and regain beautiful skin. After a few sessions cellulite is visibly reduced, body becomes more attractive, and skin regains its smoothness and elasticity.

The vacuum effect  - stimulates the blood flow to the so-called fat cells. "difficult areas" - waist, buttocks, thighs, thus accelerating the release of fatty acids.

Treadmill, bike or elliptical stepper - training accelerates fat burning and helps build muscle mass.

IR radiation - heat in the body burn calories faster, regenerates skin cells and relaxes the muscles.

Burning fat and cellulite reduction
Effect of vacuum can lose weight even with problematic sites.

The session on the device does not require intense exercise - Vacu Magic ® stimulates your body to maximize results.

Interactive jogging simulator - NEW!
Only for models equipped with a touch screen. Interactive video showing running with auto incline angles.

Vacu Magic ® Beauty Line can be made in any color from the RAL palette.


Vacu / vacuum

Negative pressure in the capsule imporves blood circulation in the skin and subcutaneous tissue in problematic areas where fat builds up - thighs, buttocks, the waist, abdomen area. Fats are energy carriers needed for skeletal muscle to work . During exercise the vacuum accelerates transportation of fatty acids into the muscle tissue. Vacuum also improves lymph circulation, responsible for the removal of metabolic waste products and excess water. It results with smooth and firm skin.


- Improve the functioning of the locomotor system, the relaxation of articular joints, reducing pain back and spine,
- Relaxation of muscles and muscle spasm, aid in the treatment of muscle degeneration, regeneration of nerve function,
- Help in the healing of chronic inflammation,
- Deep relaxation and regeneration in rheumatic problems,
- Support the immune system, prevention of viral diseases and other types of colds,
- Calling a healthy sweating, even at low temperature and in a short period of time,
- The reduction of body fat by speeding up metabolism in the exposed area.